Global Studies Update

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In Global Studies we had the opportunity last week to host some amazing

individuals. On Thursday the 15th we were visited by a delegation of 27 women

world leaders brought to us through the World Affairs Council. (This year SGS

became a WAC Partner School.) These women represented 24 nations including

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Italy, Jamaica, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

Nigeria, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uruguay, Morocco and Mexico. Among

their advice to our girls:

“Your power is in your difference. Don’t hesitate to be unique and use your voice.”

“Love yourself and believe in yourself.”

“Like Margaret Thatcher said, ‘If you want something ask a man. If you want to do

something ask a woman!’”

“Strive to achieve your full potential.”

“When a man is educated, you educate a man. When a woman is educated you

educate a nation.”

On Friday the 16th we hosted Agi, a 75 year-old Holocaust survivor. She shared a

remarkable story of survival and courage, beginning age 4 when her family was

placed in a ghetto in Hungary. She was later separated from her family and hidden

in a couple’s home (thus escaping the fate that 1.5 million children experienced who

were sent to camps). She talked about walking 180 miles from Budapest to the

Austrian border after Soviet communists “liberated” Hungary. Finally, Agi

immigrated to America on her own at age ten – a 3,000 mile journey overseas –

arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia the day she turned 11.

Next week we move on to our next unit, focusing on the Middle East. Our next visitor

(from Saudi Arabia) will be with us November 6. Wafa Alghamdi will help us explore

women and Islam. Stay tuned! – Wendy

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