Math Overview

Hello parents! This week in class I shared the year long 8th.Math.Overview2015.16 with students. In 8th grade we are currently in what is typically considered an “Algebra 1” course (using the College Prep Math curriculum). There were many questions about what’s to come in regards to math in high schools and college and I outlined various possible pathways (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus along with options for Honors or AP or data/statistics or programming options).

I also shared with students my fundamental beliefs about learning math. I look forward to talking more about this at Math Night, coming up Thursday, October 29.

Ms. D’s Math Beliefs:

  • Every student is math capable
  • There are many ways to be “smart” in math
  • Math is about creativity and making sense
  • Math needs to be relevant
  • Mistakes are valuable
  • Questions are more important than answers

Ms. D