This week in Language Arts

In Language Arts this week, students received a rubric with specific feedback in regard to the multi-draft essay they recently completed. They were asked to review the rubric with their parents/guardians and to obtain a signature that they had this conversation. Students were then expected to make corrections to mechanical (punctuation, spelling, grammar) errors noted using the knowledge they’ve obtained from recent mini-lessons that have focused on punctuation, fragment and run-on sentences, etc.

Students were also introduced to Goodreads which is a website that will be used throughout the year. Goodreads is an extensive database of books, reading recommendations, and reviews. Users can see what their friends are reading and can get suggestions for future reading choices based on their reviews of previously read books. We’ll use the website to share books we’ve read, reviews we’ve written and will additionally use Goodreads as a way to discuss literature.

We’ll soon begin Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi. This book is considered one of the most popular and well-received graphic memoirs. The novel tells the story of the author’s childhood in Tehran, Iran during the Iranian Revolution. It includes themes such as religion, culture, class disparities, racism, gender issues, political turmoil and war, and the tumultuous history behind Middle Eastern politics. Similar to Night, our first novel, the students will consider the importance of using history as a learning tool while simultaneously learning about the religious, historical, and political context within their Global Studies class.

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