Systems of Equations For Real

In math, we are currently learning how to solve a system of equations, when two things happen at the same time.  For example, if you have two cell phone plans, determining which is the better deal and under what conditions? I gave math groups a two part project to practice. The first part was a real life problem I encountered trying to decide how my family was going to purchase a family cell plan. This problem includes weighing various factors and variables: data plans, phone costs, leasing or buying a phone, and determining how much each person should pay for their portion of the plan. The second part was comparing three different plans with a base price for the plan and a plan per minute of talking (old school cell plans). Which plan is the best deal? Under what circumstances? Can you show your answer visually and using algebra? Students are expected to explain their answers with calculations and explain in writing why they ran those calculations and what they determined. The focus is on making sense of systems of equations type problems and applying them to real-life contexts.

Cell Phone rubric

cell phone problem

Cell Phone problem part 2

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