SJCU-Inequality of Wealth articles

In SJCU, we’re continuing our “Inequality of Wealth” unit. Our last class included a discussion about the homework assignment, “Too Many Inequities Persist in King County.” Students had many insightful observations, questions, and solutions for these inequities highlighted.

The class then divided into three groups and read the following articles around education, gender, and race related to pay. Our next class will include student presentations about their findings.

Pay and Education

Earnings and Unemployment Based on Education Attained (graph) (2013)

High School Poverty Levels Tied to College Going (2013)

New study finds that earning power is increasingly tied to education: A college degree is critical to economic opportunity (2011)

Pay and Gender

Half a Million Dollar Rip-Off: Unequal Pay Every Day (2014)

Pay Equity & Discrimination (Institute for Women’s Policy Research)

The Awful Truth Behind The Gender Pay Gap (2014)

Pay and Race

Wealth Gap Among Races Has Widened Since Recession (2013)

Black and white Economic Gap hasn’t budged in 50 years (2013)

Race is the elephant in the room when it comes to inequality (2014)
Racial Inequality

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