Math Update

Wrapping Up- Be on the lookout for your daughter’s latest chapter 6 math test. She took the test last week and is assigned the task of writing you a note about how she felt the test went, and showing you her test and any test corrections she did (those should be attached to her test on a separate sheet). You will need to sign her test and I encourage you to have a conversation about it. Her test with corrections, a note to you and your signature is due Tuesday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Looking Ahead-Next week we begin our Budget Project (in math and SJCU) with a quick introduction to basic finance and using Excel. We will learn various tools within Excel, such as writing formulas and summing data, to help students calculate their yearly taxes owed and create a monthly budget.  I love this unit because I want students to leave SGS feeling confident about balancing a budget and learning to be money savvy, especially as young women! Students love learning about how to use math tools to solve problems and apply them to real world scenarios such as calculating cost of living.

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