Design Wars

8th Grade Orientation and Week 1: Design Wars Challenge

On Wednesday, students shared their designs to transport the 8th grade teachers’ “Precious Cargo” around Green Lake. A perfect way to start the year, this engineering challenge combined community building, collaboration, and creativity. Students pitched their designs, complete with modeled prototypes, jingles, and “twitter length” descriptions. For teachers, it was very fun to share a little about ourselves and see the quirky contraptions they came up with to accommodate our “precious cargo”, including pets, partners, kids, african violets, and Yoda. Check out these pictures from the project!

Here’s a link to the Design Wars assignment overview. 


img_8194  img_8184 img_8181 img_8179 img_8177 img_8176 img_8195 img_8171


Physics HW #1 – Forces and the Laws of Motion

Physics HW #1 – Forces and the Laws of Motion

Due Monday, September 19th.

Directions: Use The Basics of Forces and Motion reading and the two videos linked below to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion. By Monday, September 19th, create organized notes on this information in your new science notebook. The notes should be:

  • Well organized
  • Contain notes in your own words explaining key definitions and theories
  • Contain a minimum of one hand-drawn sketch detailing each of the Newtonian Laws.
  • Thorough, but paired down enough that the notes are easy to use and reference.



8th Grade First Day!

What a wonderful first day! We started with several group challenges which included an infographics survey, an improv game, Magic Squares math problem, and a flipping-a-table-cloth-while-standing-on-it challenge. The students then started working on their Design Wars designs. Ask your student which teacher’s loved ones she is thinking and designing a contraption to get them around Greenlake.

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