Finance Unit in Math

The past couple weeks we have been learning about finances. Students have been very interested in this useful topic asking questions such as:

  • How are interest rates set?
  • Why do different people pay taxes?
  • Where does a bank keep your money?
  • How do loans work?

We have spent last two weeks learning: why financial literacy is important to young people (especially women), simple vs. compound interest, debit vs. credit, how to write checks, how to budget,¬†how to use formulas in Google Sheets, and about the different types of taxes. We even had a visit last week from Jennifer Thomsen, Reese’s mom and a financial planner, about her career and how she supports others with their finances. She gave the students tips for saving and an overview of budgeting.

Next week we launch into our Budget Project where students are given a character (gender, race & education) and that character’s yearly salary and they will have to pay their taxes and then figure out a monthly budget for their person. They will put to use what they are learning in Google Sheets to build formulas and help them with the many calculations that come with budgeting!

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