Idea Incubator

Science this year is wrapping up with a creative project called, Idea Incubator. This project is an eight-week session that requires students to come up with a unique invention or innovative idea that has the potential to positively influence the world. Students are working through many iterations to clarify their ideas, improve on their prototypes, and perfect their proposals. They build prototypes ranging from coded apps and websites to 3D printed models.  They will then pitch their idea to a panel of entrepreneurs and scientists at the annual Idea Incubator Business Breakfast. Throughout this unit, students worked through the Engineering Design Cycle, including using prototyping and feedback to improve on their ideas

This week, students examined Poorly Designed Products for homework, coming up with ideas to improve current products they find frustrating. One student had an idea to create new sounds (including a silent option) on the microwave. Another suggested a toaster with a slow rise, instead of a scary “pop” when the toast is done.  In class we took a look at User-Centered Design. Students tried to get “in the head” of another user and design a product for that person, given their needs and wants. Next week, students will be researching their ideas for any competing products or apps and will then narrow their ideas down to two, and will then do Focus Group Testing on those two ideas and present their data to make the case for their final design.

The Idea Incubator Breakfast will take place at Seattle Girls’ School on Tuesday, June 12th from 8:45-10:15 AM. We are recruiting entrepreneurs, engineers, and business leaders to participate.  The students will be pitching their unique inventions, apps, websites, business plans, and innovative ideas to you, looking for feedback and support (just like theTV show, “Shark Tank”). Please let Ms. D know if you can attend.

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