Math- Systems of Equations Vacation Project & Dear Data

Systems of Equations- Vacation Project

This week in math we are wrapping up our unit on systems of equations, or finding out when two lines intersect. How is this useful in everyday life, you might ask? We actually use systems of equations ALL THE TIME to compare costs and prices of various things, for example cell phone pricing, rates of services, etc. Students are wrapping up the unit by doing a Vacation Project where they compare two trips to destinations they choose, factoring out the total cost of round trip airfare and hotel costs per night. They are exploring how many nights they plan to stay on their vacation and when the two trips will cost the same, using a visual graph, an equation and a written summary of their findings. Once they determine the pricing options for various nights, they choose which trip they prefer to go on and for how many nights and write their reasoning for their decision. This project is solidifying their understanding of solving equations and uses the (SOE) methods they’ve been learning in math recently.

Here are some student examples:

IMG_1815 IMG_1814

Dear Data

Students also completed their Round 5 Dear Data cards last week. Category topics were: worries, greetings/farewells, and questions! They continue to do such a good job of using their artistic expression and data visualization skills to create beautiful and complex cards.  Here are some examples:


IMG_1823 IMG_1822 IMG_1821 IMG_1820  IMG_1818 IMG_1817

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