Math Update

Dear Data

We’ve got a lot going on in math! I just introduced the Dear Data Project, a project where students collect data and turn it into an infographic piece of art. The idea was started by two artists and you should check out their work here:  You may see your 8th grader carrying around their pocket-size, mini data booklet. Students are meant to keep track of data for 5 days! They are choosing from one of the following categories: Music, Emotions, or Screens. Here’s a description of the assignment: Dear Data round 1.Darin

This project is a great way to get students to explore patterns in data and how to organize data, while making observations about how they operate in the world. And they get to turn their data into a piece of art! It’s going to be very revealing!

M&M Circle Graphs 

IMG_0448 2 IMG_0452 2 IMG_0443 2 IMG_0444 2 IMG_0445 2

The Question: Given a small sample of M&M’s can you predict or estimate the number of a certain color of M&M in a 56 oz bag?

To answer this question, students created circle with their samples and then translated them into a Fraction/Decimal/Percent Table representing their sample size. While fraction, decimals and percents is not a new concept, it was helpful for students to have a visual percentage pie and they engaged in great conversations about partial numbers, rounding and estimating.

After their tables were complete, students were able to translate their numbers into a y=mx+B equations to help them make their predictions (as we are working on linear equations in math andThey also got to eat M&M’s, which they loved.  M&

Pop Rockets in Science

We are exploring Newton’s Laws of Physics in science class. Today we experimented with rockets, using a plastic pop bottle, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a match. Students made predictions and observations and we discussed what various laws of motion were at play in this reaction.

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8th Grade Orientation Photos/Videos

During Orientation students worked together to build a contraption to carry the teacher’s “Precious Cargo.” They had to throw the cargo off the garden balcony in a dramatic end of day show. The engineering creations were quite creative, though only a few survived the fall. Check out the awesome slow motion videos!

thumb_IMG_0090_1024 thumb_IMG_0089_1024 thumb_IMG_0088_1024 thumb_IMG_0085_1024 thumb_IMG_0084_1024 thumb_IMG_0082_1024 thumb_IMG_0078_1024 thumb_IMG_0070_1024 thumb_IMG_0063_1024 thumb_IMG_0060_1024 thumb_IMG_0057_1024 thumb_IMG_0054_1024 thumb_IMG_0053_1024 thumb_IMG_0051_1024 thumb_IMG_0056_1024 thumb_IMG_0046_1024 thumb_IMG_0043_1024 thumb_IMG_0042_1024 thumb_IMG_0039_1024

Also, check out these videos of the Egg Drop and the Egg Roulette:

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IMG 0187

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Production Wrap Up

Today we had the honor of hearing from Meg Valliant, cinematographer and technician, sharing her expertise in the movie making industry. The students loved hearing about her experience and touching a real camera used to film Grimm, Portlandia and many others! She is also the creator of a documentary, The Sisterhood of Shred. 

IMG_9935 IMG_9934 IMG_9931 IMG_9938 IMG_9943 IMG_9946 IMG_9947 IMG_9950 IMG_9941

We also celebrated the wonderful movie Premiere last week, sharing our highlights from the Production. We had bubble tea and Cosmo Embryo dished up the pineapple jellies.