Honors Assembly & Production Premiere

The Honors Assembly put on by the 7th graders was a great celebration!  Each of the 8th graders were highlighted with kind words and photos. Thank you 7th grade team for putting on such a thoughtful tribute to this class. During the break, student council brought popsicles for the whole school to enjoy!

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Production Premiere of “Camp Findakey” at Central Cinemas. The movie exemplified the creativity and humor of this class. They did a great job explaining their process during the Q & A session! We hope they look back on this movie in 20 years and enjoy it as much as we did tonight!DSC_0122 DSC_0117 DSC_0111 DSC_0107 20170609_174545

**Bonus picture- 8th Graders hanging out and being goofy before the Premiere.


Production Filming

Students are in the midst of filming the 8th Grade Production and it has been fantastic to see the way they are working together. Everyone is busy writing, acting, filming, directing, editing to prepare for our June 9th, Production Premiere, at Central Cinema.  They are applying all that they’ve learned about writing scripts, filming using various types of shots, and editing with Final Cut Pro. Each time a vignette group goes out to film they have a Ticket to Film and get assessed by a teacher using our On Set Feedback Form. Check out some photos from on scene shooting!

20170517_115541 20170518_110732 20170524_114522 IMG_9645 IMG_9628

2017 Production Ticket to Film - Google Docs
2016-2017 Production - ON-SET - Teacher Feedback Form - Google Docs



Mission A Success!

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What a wonderful two days of Mission trips to the ISS! Students and families had an exciting time seeing teams Guardians of the Galaxy, Comet, Pluto and Supernova put their forensic and investigation skills to the test in the shuttle. Thanks to all families who supported the efforts that went into this fun week!

Countdown to Mission!

Candidates spent the week in final preparation for their upcoming mission launches that will occur next week on either Wednesday February 15 or Thursday February 16.

All candidates have studied the basics of each of the science specialties. While they’ll individually be assigned and trained for a specific role, they may be called on at any time to use their skills and knowledge from each of the specialties for the benefit of their upcoming mission. Specialties include cryptography, biometrics, necropsy, and poison. Students will also be assigned team positions that include a communications expert, team engineer, mediator, physician, and spokesperson.

On Thursday, students completed official candidate bios detailing their educational experience, their assigned specialty, individual strengths, memorable moments from their candidate training, and anticipations of their upcoming launches. The official bios will be available for viewing on February 15 and 16.

Lastly, candidates have been meticulously reviewing top-secret case files to gain critical background information and have also been preparing for the press conferences that will occur both before and after their launches.

Team launch dates and times noted here here. We look forward to seeing you next week!

“Persepolis” film next week!

Dear families,

We’ll be watching the animated version of Marjane Satrapi’s critically acclaimed memoir, “Persepolis” in Language Arts class next week. The film includes the first book the students read in class this year and also the second book about Satrapi’s life as a young adult in Europe and then her return home to Iran.

This film is rated PG-13 for mature thematic material including some violent images from the war, minimal sexual references, language, and brief drug content that we will address and contextualize while viewing.

Let me know if you have any questions,