SOE Math Test & Cryptography

We wrapped up our systems of equations unit and you will see math tests coming home next week. Students were able to create a one-pager of notes for use with this test and you will see that attached to their test. This is a great study skill to practice for high school by summarizing the main strategies they learned in a unit and creating examples. They will also be working on test corrections for any problems that they missed to they can learn from their mistakes. When tests come home next week, please sign them and add comments. Tests will include a note from the student to you about how they prepared, how they felt they did, and if this test represented what they know.

We also introduced Cryptography (code breaking) in Mission math this week. We discussed the benefits of encryption technology for digital use and the history of code breaking. Students had many interesting stories to share about war messages and misleading enemies! Students learned how to use various code-breaking strategies, a Caesar cipher shift (using their wheels), an algebra cipher (using Algebra!), and a few more fun ones. They really seemed to enjoy this and were creating their own encoded messages by the end of the week! They will be quizzed on their ability to decipher codes on Friday.


SJCU – Inequality of Wealth Unit

This week in SJCU we took a look at this Inequality of Wealth video and discussed how wealth should be divided in the United States and explored why the wealth disparity is increasing.

Our class goals for this unit are to learn how wealth is distributed in the United States and to explore how race, gender and education impact access to money or socioeconomic status. Some of our guiding questions were: What is Poverty? What is Intersectionality? What’s the difference between wealth and income? Does learning how money is distributed in the US matter? What are the factors that create an imbalance of wealth?

Wednesday we learned about the racial wealth gap being tied to the history of housing and we looked at primary sources/historical documents from Seattle, such as covenants, letters, and housing community brochures. Here are a few of those documents:

Link to maps, letters, and other documents through the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project

Restrictive Covenant From Windermere Neighborhood, Seattle 1963

Students are wrestling with some of these ideas, particularly as we navigate the balance of talking about these institutional practices with the personal stories and experiences.


SJCU Potluck

img_8528-2 img_8529-2 img_8527-2

We celebrated the end of our Identity unit in SJCU with a shared Pre-Thanksgiving meal. Each student brought a food of significance to them or their family. Some students shared stories, recipes and stories surrounding their food/dish. We had candles, flowers and delicious food. Thanks to all families who helped contribute to this lovely meal!

Pike Place & Eighth Generation Store Field Trip

Last week we took a trip to Louie Gong’s store, Eighth Generation, the first and only Native owned shop in Pike Place Market AND in Washington State! Louie is the creator of the Mockups shoes, the project students recently finished for the Identity Unit in SJCU. We were able to get a tour of his shop and hear Louie’s story as a multiracial Native artist and activist. Students shared their shoes and the shoes are currently on display this week in his shop! If you have a chance to visit his store this week, please do!

The students also had the opportunity to interview vendors in Pike Place Market about where their products come from for their Global Sustainability Project in Spanish.

Here are some photos from our trip. img_8610 img_8608 img_8586 img_8603 img_8583 img_8602 img_8582 img_8601 img_8600 img_8598 img_8596 img_8593 img_8590 img_8587 img_8582 img_8580 img_8578 img_8576 img_8575