What is Mission?

Mission is our five-week training to get students prepped for their launch to go on a Mission on Thursday, March 3rd to the International Space Station as a crime solving team. The goals of this project are to use problem solving, observation, communication and forensic science skills to figure out who is responsible for the crime that’s been committed. To prepare, students will be in training in Mission Mode” in many classes for the next five weeks.(Mission is meant to be kept top secret from other grades, so please only share that we are in “Mission Prep”, but the other details of the Mission are confidential!) 
We kicked off Mission Monday and we want to include you on what it means for 8th graders to be in “Mission Mode.
A few key highlights of “Mission Mode:”

– Students are “candidates” and adults are “commanders.” If they see a teacher in the hall, they should address them as “commander,” unless it’s an 8th grade teacher, in which case they have to refer to them as “commander  +  last name”

– If  class is run in “Mission Mode” students need to stand when asking or answering a question and identify (identify= say your candidate name and team name). 
– Candidate students can earn Honors or Demerits throughout mission for positive and negative behavior. Honors can be earned for doing something awesome (helping another student, helping a teacher, being especially supportive/positive) And demerits can be earned for behaviors such as not being prepared for class, arriving late or not cleaning up. These honors and demerits go toward a team score each week.
– On assignments or emails students need to address commanders and sign off with candidate and team names.
It’s going to be a fun, yet challenging training session until March 3rd. At which point, students will either graduate to “astronaut” and be sent on the Mission, or stay on earth as a candidate.