Mission A Success!

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What a wonderful two days of Mission trips to the ISS! Students and families had an exciting time seeing teams Guardians of the Galaxy, Comet, Pluto and Supernova put their forensic and investigation skills to the test in the shuttle. Thanks to all families who supported the efforts that went into this fun week!

Mission Challenge #4

Mission teams completed their team challenge #4 today. They were given a set of 20 questions to complete in 30 minutes. They had to decide how they would divide up roles and tasks and then tackle those tasks in the best way possible. For example, in one of the questions they had to learn how to unlock a combination lock, and then decipher a Caesar cipher text to get the combination to the lock. One of the tasks asked them to complete 25 pushups as a collective team. During the debrief students said things like:

“We need to communicate better so we all know who is doing what.”

“We need to clarify roles at the beginning so everyone knows who is doing what.”

“When we were stressed and under the time pressure at the end, we started to get snippy with each other. We can’t do that. We need to stay calm.”

What great reflections on how to best collaborate as a group. This challenge was also a sneak peek at what the actual Mission will be, operating to get a lot done in a limited amount of time.

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