Pop Rockets in Science

We are exploring Newton’s Laws of Physics in science class. Today we experimented with rockets, using a plastic pop bottle, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a match. Students made predictions and observations and we discussed what various laws of motion were at play in this reaction.

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8th Grade Orientation Photos/Videos

During Orientation students worked together to build a contraption to carry the teacher’s “Precious Cargo.” They had to throw the cargo off the garden balcony in a dramatic end of day show. The engineering creations were quite creative, though only a few survived the fall. Check out the awesome slow motion videos!

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Also, check out these videos of the Egg Drop and the Egg Roulette:

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Honors Assembly & Production Premiere

The Honors Assembly put on by the 7th graders was a great celebration!  Each of the 8th graders were highlighted with kind words and photos. Thank you 7th grade team for putting on such a thoughtful tribute to this class. During the break, student council brought popsicles for the whole school to enjoy!

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Production Premiere of “Camp Findakey” at Central Cinemas. The movie exemplified the creativity and humor of this class. They did a great job explaining their process during the Q & A session! We hope they look back on this movie in 20 years and enjoy it as much as we did tonight!DSC_0122 DSC_0117 DSC_0111 DSC_0107 20170609_174545

**Bonus picture- 8th Graders hanging out and being goofy before the Premiere.


SJCU Potluck

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We celebrated the end of our Identity unit in SJCU with a shared Pre-Thanksgiving meal. Each student brought a food of significance to them or their family. Some students shared stories, recipes and stories surrounding their food/dish. We had candles, flowers and delicious food. Thanks to all families who helped contribute to this lovely meal!