Pop Rockets in Science

We are exploring Newton’s Laws of Physics in science class. Today we experimented with rockets, using a plastic pop bottle, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a match. Students made predictions and observations and we discussed what various laws of motion were at play in this reaction.

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Idea Incubator Prototyping

The 8th graders are currently working through the prototyping cycle to build multiple iterations of their Ideas for the June 13th Idea Incubator.  Check out the wide variety of Ideas that they are working on!!

App Lab prototype Paper App Prototype

Scootboard A skateboard that transforms into a scooter and a chair.
The Clean Water Pill A website where you can buy water purification supplies and  donate pills that clean water to countries that need it.
Safety Box A box to help people calm down — specifically those with mental disorders like paranoia and misophonia.
Book Nook The portable stand for your book to read comfortably in bed. Website so you can borrow and buy Book Nook books that turn the page for you.
Fridge Meal Suggestion App An app that scans the food in your fridge and suggests meals you can make based on what’s in your fridge.
Nice Cubes Re-usable electronic cubes that heat up your drink.
Allergy Education Website A website for people to learn about allergies and get recipes and resources.
Binder Backpack + Digital Planner A backpack with an accordion like folder inside it. There is also a digital planner to help organize homework.
The Animal app An app where you play with and collect animals.
Student Tablet A tablet that is made for students that works as all of the things in your backpack and more.  
Portable Puppy Parties A mobile truck that brings adoptable puppies to parties and other locations.  
Anonymous Friendship app An app that lets you say if you like a person or want to be friends, but keeps it anonymous unless the person that you like likes you back.
Moodsic app A music based social media app where you can submit songs based on moods and genres. You can browse and look for new song recommendations and watch music videos. You can also post your own music with the posting tool.
Mobile Nail Salon A luxury truck nail salon that comes to you for parties or just getting your nails done — very Instagrammable!
T.V in the mirror A mirror that you can watches while getting ready so you don’t have to go on your phone.
The Wearable Pocket A fashionable pocket that connects to your arm.
The WishFish wishlist app A website that connects you to all stores that deliver, and you create a wishlist of the things you want, and it gives you suggestions based on your wishlist and you can share it with anyone. It also tells you when a store you like is having a sale.
Current Events website A website that educates students on current events and how they can take action on them.
Pizza Vending Machine A vending machine that sells pizzas, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free..
WAKEUP Alarm Pillow A pillow that uses an alarm to gently wake you up.
Dustpan groomer A dustpan that filters tangled hair from your broom.
New Music Studios A safe space where teens can go and learn/practice music.
Sun n’ Tan A machine located by beaches that provides spay tan and spray sunscreen.
The Shopping Helper A website that you can type in what you’re looking for and it will show you websites that are confirmed and have good quality clothes.
Skin Care app An app that helps you find the best products for your skin with surveys. Is also has an alarm and you can discuss skincare products and issues with people.
Theater Company A youth theater company that offers both acting and technical theater position.  It will  treat its students like employees and give them a budget.
Learn Your Rights Learn your rights and the Constitution — and get paid to do it!


The Idea Incubator unit – including App Coding!

banner-idea-incubatorThe Idea Incubator project tasks students to come up with a unique invention or innovative idea that has the potential to positively influence the world. They then develop their idea by working through the stages of the Design Cycle, learning to code and developing an App through Code.org’s App Lab, and working to solidify their ideas using supportive data analyzed and graphed via Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.  At the end of the unit, all student their ideas to a panel of real life female entrepreneurs and business leaders!  Think: Invention Convention meets the reality TV show The Shark Tank!

App Lab

This unit introduces the foundational concepts of computer programming, which unlocks the ability to make rich, interactive apps. This course uses JavaScript as the programming language, and App Lab as the programming environment to build apps, but the concepts learned in these lessons span all programming languages and tools.





The Necropsy List


Here is the list of terms that you will be reponsible for memorizing the location and function of for the Necropsy Quiz on Monday, February 6th.  We will be reviewing each of these throughout our dissections next week!

Commander Reiter

The Necropsy List