Rocket Exploration in Science

The 8th graders have been exploring the physics of Forces and Motion for the past few months.  As part of that exploration, they recently tried their hands at rocketry.  The students had to 1.  Figure out how to turn a matchstick and some aluminum foil into a functioning rocket and 2.  Explain the physics involved in shooting that functioning rocket into the air.  The biggest requirement was that they do this SAFELY.  I am happy to say that all involved passed this safety test and learned that rocketry is not as easy as it looks!  The 8th graders will be able to learn more about the challenges of rocketry as they tour the Blue Origin Rocket Factory with female rocket scientists on an upcoming field trip.  Check out the below photos and video for a peek into the action from the past few weeks, and stay tuned for more info on the January Rocket Factory Field Trip.

Matchstick rocket

Uploaded by Carly Reiter on 2016-10-27.

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Physics HW #3 – Velocity, Speed, Acceleration, Momentum

Physics HW #3 – Due Tuesday, October 4th

a.  Create a labelled visual explanation in your science notebook that describes the difference between the commonly-confused physics terms:  Velocity, Speed, Acceleration, and Momentum.  You may use your Physics HW #2 and the multitudes of info on the internet to help you with this task, but make sure that your work is your own work and in your own words.

b.  Describe the method(s) and materials (including online resources) that you used to complete part a of this HW.