SJCU – Inequality of Wealth Unit

This week in SJCU we took a look at this Inequality of Wealth video and discussed how wealth should be divided in the United States and explored why the wealth disparity is increasing.

Our class goals for this unit are to learn how wealth is distributed in the United States and to explore how race, gender and education impact access to money or socioeconomic status. Some of our guiding questions were: What is Poverty? What is Intersectionality? What’s the difference between wealth and income? Does learning how money is distributed in the US matter? What are the factors that create an imbalance of wealth?

Wednesday we learned about the racial wealth gap being tied to the history of housing and we looked at primary sources/historical documents from Seattle, such as covenants, letters, and housing community brochures. Here are a few of those documents:

Link to maps, letters, and other documents through the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project

Restrictive Covenant From Windermere Neighborhood, Seattle 1963

Students are wrestling with some of these ideas, particularly as we navigate the balance of talking about these institutional practices with the personal stories and experiences.


SJCU Potluck

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We celebrated the end of our Identity unit in SJCU with a shared Pre-Thanksgiving meal. Each student brought a food of significance to them or their family. Some students shared stories, recipes and stories surrounding their food/dish. We had candles, flowers and delicious food. Thanks to all families who helped contribute to this lovely meal!

SJCU videos and HW


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Sarah Kay TED Talk

Homework due Wednesday, May 11

What did feminism look like in the 1970’s? Bring in an artifact that you believe represents feminism from the 1970’s. This could be an image, print advertisement, commercial, cookbook, TV show clip, or article.

Bring it in to share- Have it printed and ready to go at the beginning of class. Be ready to talk about why you find it interesting.

SJCU-Inequality of Wealth articles

In SJCU, we’re continuing our “Inequality of Wealth” unit. Our last class included a discussion about the homework assignment, “Too Many Inequities Persist in King County.” Students had many insightful observations, questions, and solutions for these inequities highlighted.

The class then divided into three groups and read the following articles around education, gender, and race related to pay. Our next class will include student presentations about their findings.

Pay and Education

Earnings and Unemployment Based on Education Attained (graph) (2013)

High School Poverty Levels Tied to College Going (2013)

New study finds that earning power is increasingly tied to education: A college degree is critical to economic opportunity (2011)

Pay and Gender

Half a Million Dollar Rip-Off: Unequal Pay Every Day (2014)

Pay Equity & Discrimination (Institute for Women’s Policy Research)

The Awful Truth Behind The Gender Pay Gap (2014)

Pay and Race

Wealth Gap Among Races Has Widened Since Recession (2013)

Black and white Economic Gap hasn’t budged in 50 years (2013)

Race is the elephant in the room when it comes to inequality (2014)
Racial Inequality

SJCU- Inequality of Wealth Class 1

HW due Wednesday 2/24/16

Read the Seattle Times Editorial:

Too many inequities persist in King County

In your SJCU journal answer the following:

SJCU Journal Questions – Inequality of Wealth- Class 1


  • Include a heading in your journal entry with name, date and assignment title: “SJCU Inequality of Wealth- Class 1”
  • After reading the article, answer the following with complete sentences. Your completed journal entry should be a minimum of one page.
  • What are the inequities that exist in King County?
  • How are the disparities related to money?
  • What systemic solutions are suggested in the article to improve the inequities?
  • What systemic solutions would you propose to improve the inequities?