Global Studies

IMG_4359We frequently host international visitors as an affiliate school of the World Affairs Council. This is a delegation of women leaders from Latin America.

Overview of the Class

After our first unit on American Imperialism in the late 1890s we then turned to the United States’ expanding role in world affairs in the Great War (World War I). We were especially interested in the ways this war’s outcomes planted the seeds for Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s and the ensuing World War II.  Students are exploring the concept of fascism as we learn about the multiple parties responsible for the Holocaust. We will also learn what led to the U.S. entry into the war on the side of the allies and the interning of Japanese Americans on the West Coast. They’ll learn about individuals who defied Japanese American Internment and those who worked to create the Universal Declaration of Human Rights following WWII. Their final assessment of the unit will ask students to put various parties on trial for perpetrating the Holocaust and develop their own conclusion about those who bear primary responsibility for it. 

This will segue into a unit on the Middle East, beginning with the creation of the modern state of Israel. We will explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from multiple perspectives and learn about women and Islam today. This will integrate with Language Arts as students are reading Persepolis.