Welcome to 8th grade Science!

The four main units that we will be exploring are listed below.  Check back here for assignment and homework updates!

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Teen Techathon on October 14 – Sign up now!


On October 14th, 2016, an in-service day for nearly all schools in Washington State, including SGS, TeenTech Washington will hold its second annual Techathon. The event is open to teams of students from grades 6 though 12 in the Puget Sound area and beyond. The goal of the Techathon is to engage participants in civic problem solving through the use of modern technology.  It’s very much like our Orientation Design Wars activity, but with an addition of technology.

Teams will spend the day working to create technology solutions for real-world problems. We call it a Techathon, because it is open to any use of modern technology you can imagine. This could be programming, circuitry, 3D modeling, photo editing, or anything else. No experience is required and tech-industry professionals will be onsite as mentors for the entirety of the event. At the end of the event, teams will have the opportunity to pitch their project to a panel of judges, and the winners will have the opportunity to submit their projects to the TeenTech Wold Pitch, a global competition. You can read about last year’s winning projects here.

The event is completely free, with a light breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks provided. Regular supplies, as well as 3D printing, laser cutting, and some prototyping tools, will be available on site, but teams should bring their own computers and any specialty electronics they think they may need.

Find your team members and sign up by October 1st.  If you need help forming a team, make sure to contact Carly for help!

Design Wars

8th Grade Orientation and Week 1: Design Wars Challenge

On Wednesday, students shared their designs to transport the 8th grade teachers’ “Precious Cargo” around Green Lake. A perfect way to start the year, this engineering challenge combined community building, collaboration, and creativity. Students pitched their designs, complete with modeled prototypes, jingles, and “twitter length” descriptions. For teachers, it was very fun to share a little about ourselves and see the quirky contraptions they came up with to accommodate our “precious cargo”, including pets, partners, kids, african violets, and Yoda. Check out these pictures from the project!

Here’s a link to the Design Wars assignment overview. 


img_8194  img_8184 img_8181 img_8179 img_8177 img_8176 img_8195 img_8171


Physics HW #1 – Forces and the Laws of Motion

Physics HW #1 – Forces and the Laws of Motion

Due Monday, September 19th.

Directions: Use The Basics of Forces and Motion reading and the two videos linked below to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion. By Monday, September 19th, create organized notes on this information in your new science notebook. The notes should be:

  • Well organized
  • Contain notes in your own words explaining key definitions and theories
  • Contain a minimum of one hand-drawn sketch detailing each of the Newtonian Laws.
  • Thorough, but paired down enough that the notes are easy to use and reference.